Misuse Alert

Some of the alerts you can generate with Sage's free telephone misuse system(Cascade) are as follows:

You set a cost limit. If a call costs more than the limit you've set, you're alerted.

You set the duration. If a call is longer than the limit you've set, you're alerted.

You set a specific number. If that number is called, you're alerted.

If you want to know about calls outside working hours, you set the limits, you're alerted.

You can set multiple alert types on your account.

All / Any - Alerts can be generated when 'ALL' or 'ANY' of the call criteria are met.

Ability to set individual prefixes and STD codes or specific dialled numbers.

The option to specify grouped call types e.g. International, National Geographic, premium etc.

The option to define expected call classes e.g. standard, economy or weekend etc.

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